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            End horizontal milling machine operation rules

            End milling machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, firm structure, good rigidity,simple operation, strong power, milling head milling area and other characteristics of our company. The whole structure is reasonable, simple, convenient repair, surface, mainly suitable for large workpiece plane milling. The table feed is stepless speed regulation,dynamic head motor direct type and rotary type belt and other specifications, can increase thefunction of the machine according to the actual needs of customers or custom.

            1, no end of the horizontal milling machine using overload equipment operator.

            2, before driving, must be carefully inspected in accordance with the inspection tour, and grease according to the lubrication chart.

            3, parking for more than eight hours and then start the equipment, should first low rotation of three to five minutes, to confirm the normal lubrication system of the smooth movement, and then start working.

            4, in use are not allowed to leave and entrust others to care, are not allowed to remove the safety protection device, to remove the stall with iron.

            5, beam spindle table and the lifting platform should loosen the fastening screws on the mobile front, clearing the surrounding debris, clean and oiled guide.

            6, in the fast or automatic feeding should first adjust the range of iron gear.

            7, the work must always check the equipment, operation and lubrication of department. Such as running or poor lubrication, should be discontinued.

            8, horizontal milling machine working table can work face, and workpiece measuring card.

            9, adjust the automatic cycle before driving must check the correctness of the machine automatic cycle.

            10, the work will handle in a working position, the work table in the middle position, the lifting table falls below and cut off the power supply.

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