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          1. News

            A basic introduction to CNC processing

            Large CNC processing is originally from the development of CNC milling machine. The same with the CNC milling machine, CNC machining is also a computer numerical control system (CNC), each part of the servo system, machine tool, hydraulic system etc.. But it is not equivalent to a CNC milling machine, the biggest difference between them lies in the machining center with automatic tool exchange function, through the installation tool for different purposes in the knife, can be in a fixture through the automatic tool change device to change the processing tool, the spindle. To achieve a variety of processing functions of drilling, boring, reaming, tapping cutting, etc.. It CNC boring and milling machining center, drilling, boring, boring, back processing thread, countersinking and contour milling on the workpiece continuously can be compiled with a CNC program. The machining center because it has the characteristic of continuous, automatic, multi process, so it is also called multi process CNC machine tool, then the whole CNC processing is composed of the following parts.

            1 basic components

            The bed, column and the table is large in the structure of the basic components of machining center. These are large iron pieces, there are pieces of steel structure welding, they should bear the static load of machining center and cutting in the processing load, it must possess higher static and dynamic stiffness, component mass and volume is the largest processing center.

            2 spindle

            The main components include a spindle box, a spindle motor, spindle and spindle bearing parts etc.. Start, stop and speed of the main shaft are controlled by CNC system, and through cutting tool mounted to the spindle. The spindle is power output parts machining, is a key component of machining center. Its structure is good or bad, have a great impact on the performance of machining center.

            3 CNC system

            The CNC system consists of CNC device, programmable controller, servo drive and motor components, it is a processing center execution center sequence control action and control process.

            4 automatic tool changer (ATC)

            Significant difference between the machining center and general machine tool is the ability to carry out multi-stage machining of parts. A set of automatic tool changer.

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